Flight of the Surf Guitar

When I heard that the Atlantics were back together, I was cautiously stoked. Many reunions just don't hold up, or use the name but lose the style. Then, this CD came in the mail. Hot dog! This is a great CD! Original members Jim Skiathitis - guitar, Bosco Bosanac - bass, and Peter Hood - drums are joined by newcomer Martin Cilia - guitar, who wrote nearly all of these great tracks.

Phil Dirt


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Track Listing 

1. Flight of the Surf Guitar
2. Surfs Up
3. Big Swell
4. In The Shadows
5. Thunder Down Under
6. Reef Break
7. Freakout


8. Dawn Patrol
9. Bondi James
10. Atlantic Echo
11. Bombora
12. The Crusher
13. Rumble and Run
14. Night Star

About the album

Think surf rock classics and a few songs come to mind. The Surfari’s Wipeout, Dick Dale’s Miserlou, Pipeline by the Chantays and of course Bombora, by Australia’s own, Atlantics. Virtually the only successful surf instrumental band not from America.

Echoing the Shadow’s Twangy Atmospheric Instrumental Sound, they were snapped up by CBS Records and became a household name with the release of their giant hit Bombora in 1963.

Now, nearly 40 years later, The Atlantics are once again recapturing the sound that had propelled them to fame so many years before. 

 Flight of the Surf Guitar TABS

 Big Swell

 Dawn Patrol
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 Flight of the Surf Guitar
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You can buy a book of guitar tabs. It includes all of the tracks from "Flight of the Surf Guitar". To order your copy now, go to the shop on The Atlantics website.

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